John and Patty O’Connell

Who We Are

Hello! My name is John O’Connell and I’m originally from Medford Massachusetts. I came to Florida in 1995 as part of a corporate transfer.

I spent the majority of my career working in management for large broadcast companies and oversaw multimillion dollar radio properties in West Palm Beach, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Orlando & Miami. My duties included managing multiple staffs, problem solving, creating budgets, dealing with clients, brainstorming creative revenue streams and interacting with audiences. That prior training and experience as a radio executive and senior staff manager taught me how to work quickly and efficiently while staying organized and focused on details, something that I feel is crucial to managing your property.

In addition to my broadcasting career, I have often taken on many side projects as a craftsman and a handyman. My knowledge of tools, coupled with my past experience and unique woodworking skills have given me the opportunity to become an influencer for WorxTools.     

As a married father of three and Treasure Coast home owner I understand the need for proper home maintenance and how lack of attention to your home can cost you a substantial amount of money when you least expect it. Ocean Blue Home Watch is here to help prevent that from happening.

As a Home Watch Company our goal is to save you money by keeping an eye on your investment when you can’t be there or are unable to do it yourself.